Investor Green Gvozd d.o.o. performs measurements of wind energy potential within Krnovo area since 2009. at locations of Gvozd and Jeinjak. Based on these measurements it is concluded there is wind energy potential which can be technically exploited.

Wind power plant Gvozd is planned to be constructed south of the existing wind power plant Krnovo, at locations between Gvozd and Obešenjak, Oštrica, Bovec, Mašina, Jajin, Grakala and Vlaško brdo.

Within the area of ​​the wind power plant investor plans construction of internal underground mid-voltage 33 kV cable network, optical cable network and transmission lines for purpose of connection wind turbines to the new substation 33/110 kV Gvozd.
For the transport of wtg components it is planned reconstruction of the existing roads and the construction of new roads between wind turbines. In addition to the traffic infrastructure, the construction of crane pads is also planned, as well as the foundations with earthing.

The connection of the wind power plant Gvozd to the 110 kV high voltage network will be achieved by construction of a new substation SS 33/110 kV Gvozd and the reconstruction of the existing substation SS 33 / 110kV Krnovo, interconnected by a new 110 kV transmission line Gvozd-Krnovo.

SS 33/110 kV Gvozd will be also connected with substation SS 110 / 35kV Nikšić 1 (Željezara) with new 110 kV transmission line.

Relevant spatial plan includes 16 wind turbine positions with total installed capacity up to 55 MW in the final stage.

List of main structures which will be constructed within project of WPP Gvozd:

  1. WPP Gvozd
    – up to 16 wind turbines,
    – wind turbine foundations incl. earthing,
    – crane pads for assembly of equipment,
    – access and service roads,
    – mid-voltage 33 kV cable network, optical cable network,
    – transmission line 35 kV (T8-T6), L = 1 689 m,
    – transmission line  35 kV (T8-T7), L = 1 733 m,
    – transmission line  35 kV (T15-T14), L = 867m.
    2. SS 33/110 kV Gvozd
    3. SS 33/110 kV Krnovo (reconstruction)
    4. Transmission line  110 kV Gvozd – Krnovo, L = 3 125 m
    5. Transmission line  110 kV Gvozd – Niksic, L = 14 730 m

The importance of building of wind power plant and benefit to the community can be expressed through the following parameters:

  • development of economy, technological development,
  • energy diversification and security of electrical energy supply,
  • increase of domestic energy production and reduction of imported energy,
  • reduction of CO2 emissions,
  • involvement of local contractors during construction of wind power plant,
  • employment of local population for maintenance of wind power plant,
  • improvement of local infrastructure,
  • land lease compensation,
  • educational visits.

Commissioning of  the Wind power plant Gvozd is planned in 2020.